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Based On Robert Gagne Learning Theoryâ€Free Samples for Students

Question: Discuss About The Plan Based On Robert Gagne Learning Theory? Answer: Introducation: To teach English as second language to students who are habituated to speak in their native tongue (TESOL) in an effective manner, it seemed quite appropriate to me to relate Robert Gagnes teaching theory to the TESOL teaching methodology that I have selected to apply. Gagne has spoken about the need of establishing necessary conditions for Management specific events and he has also conveyed how appropriate instructional designs come to the aid of a teacher in making the learning condition ideal for the learners (Becky Dave, n.d.). The learners are expected to be highly benefitted by the implementation of this theory in their learning process. Gagne, in order to enhance the model for design of instruction infused nine instructional events and its corresponding learning processes to guide the design of instructions, and the nine instructional events encompass gaining attention, informing learner of the objective(s), stimulating recall of prerequisite learning, presenting the stimulus material, providing learning guidance, eliciting the performance, providing feedback about performance, assessing performance, and enhancing retention and transfer (Becky Dave, n.d.). The table below depicts a lesson plan adhering to Robert Gagnes events of instruction: Example Lesson: How students of English as Second Language (ESL) can be benefitted using XYZ English Composition Software. Objective: Students will understand the use of the software and apply the knowledge in finding out the differences in the extent of different empires in different eras. Grade: 7 Event of Instruction Lesson Example Rationale 1. Gaining Attention Teacher instructs students how she has installed the XYZ English Composition software to prepare a lesson plan regarding the use of descriptive language in a particular essay. Teacher shows on the projection screen in the classroom how the software can provide a student with sets of vocabularies embodying descriptive words that render a sense of imagery. The teacher then asks the students to make choices for their own from the list of vocabularies in a way so that the selected words would fit to the essay topic of their. This would help students creating a pre-concept about the essay topic and about the approach that they must apply to starting and completing the essay. The teacher should provide background information about the software and its use, and this can help the learners to understand how to use the software to their benefit. The use of audio-visual aid will help the teacher to draw the attention of the students and get them engaged in the class activity. Asking questions in the class establishes an interactive atmosphere. 2. Conveying the lesson objective to the learners Teacher says, "Today I am going to show you how to use the XYZ English Composition software to find out the differences between descriptive words and non-descriptive words, and how the former can be used in infusing imageries in a particular descriptive essay. Making students aware of what benefits the use of descriptive words can render in terms of composing a descriptive essay can help them in getting more interested in using the software and in determining how descriptive words can be included in their compositions to reflect the genre of their essay more vividly. . 3. Stimulating students to recall what they have learned previously about descriptive words. The students have prior experience of composing informative essays in which they have used descriptive words. This lesson plan would help them in capitalizing on what they have learned previously in terms of importance of the use of descriptive words in an essay. Teacher associates this prior knowledge of the students with this particular lesson plan. Relating what they have learned in the past about descriptive words to what they are now learning strengthens the possibility for them to use the descriptive words more accurately in their descriptive essays. 4. Presenting the Stimulus Teacher gives students step-by-step instruction on how to use the XYZ English Composition software and how to make the right selection out of the sets of descriptive words generated by the software. The stimulus employed by the teacher here is the virtual box containing sets of descriptive words. 5. Providing learners with appropriate guidance Teacher demonstrates how a student can find out their chosen descriptive words from the lists of words depicted in the virtual box. Teacher shows students how to use XYZ English Composition software to click on the selected words and how to, after creating new folders with their names, move the words to the selected folders placed in the softwares panel. Teacher demonstrates the options provided in the XYZ English Composition software to help the students in enriching their knowledge about descriptive words and about their proper usage in descriptive essays in the long run. 6. Eliciting learners performance Teacher asks students to use the software in the classroom computer and to start drafting their descriptive essay on the topic of their choice. Providing students with opportunities to practically test what can be learned from the session and how the software can be used to find out more descriptive words. Students would also learn the right application of the right descriptive words in an appropriate manner. 7. Giving feedback Teacher gives immediate feedback to learners observing their word selection and the initial paragraphs of their draft essay. Regular feedback is necessary to foster strong learning in students, and the process must take place undisrupted. 8. Assessing learners performance Teacher should assign each student with a descriptive essay on topic of their choice. In this respect they should be given discretionary power, and this discretion is meant for empowering them. The assignment should help the students to learn more about the proper use of descriptive words in a descriptive essay. Assessing the practice process would help the teacher in determining if the learner is actually progressing in the course of learning the proper application of right vocabulary in written works. 9. Enhancing retention and transfer Teacher instructs students to help each other in selecting and using descriptive words in the draft essay. This process can make it possible for teachers to help students in the process of application of the lesson learned in real-life scenarios where collaboration becomes essential (like in the course of completing group assignments). (721 words) References Becky Dave (n.d.). Learning Theory. Retrieved July 12, 2013, from

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Third Eye Blind free essay sample

From the beginning to the end of their self-titled debut, you find yourself sucked into the intoxicating music. The San Francisco Bay Area groups album contains 14 songs: 10 co-written by the multi-talented lead singer Stephan Jenkins and the guitarist Kevin Cadogan, and four penned by Jenkins, who also produced the album (a rarity for a debut album). If you like alternative music, you will certainly enjoy this album. The record contains in-your-face lyrics (all written by Jenkins) and a variety of rhythms. Their first single, Semi-charmed Life, stayed at the top of Billboards modern rock chart for ten weeks, winning them a Billboard Music Award. There are more songs like Semi-charmed Life on the album (for example, Losing A Whole Year), as well as four slower closing songs. These slow songs, I Want You, The Background, Motorcycle Drive-By and God of Wine give you a glimpse into Jenkinss past. We will write a custom essay sample on Third Eye Blind or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Motorcycle Drive-By, a favorite of mine, was written by Jenkins on his way home after breaking up with his girlfriend. It describes the story of a break-up and how the narrator reconciles himself. In the end, the narrator paddles out into the San Francisco surf. The album contains no throw-away songs, no filler, and is simply a terrific album. The band has appeared on numerous talk shows, including Conan OBrien, Keenan, and Letterman. Recently they appeared on the MTV show, Road Rules, in an episode about their song Jumper and teen suicide. If things continue this way, these four guys will be riding their wave of hard-earned success into the new millennium. For now, you can catch them on tour with Smashmouth as they hit major cities all over the USA. .

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Concept of National and Transnational Entities

Concept of National and Transnational Entities This essay looks into national and transnational entities. The essay looks into characteristics of modern nation states and makes distinctions between nation, state and nation states. Further, the essay considers how the United States fits into the description of a nation state.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Concept of National and Transnational Entities specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The essay also discusses transnational entities with the European Union as a perfect example of such. Finally, the interrelations between the United States and the European Union are discussed to illustrate how nation states engage with transnational entities to achieve their interests A nation state is a defined territory occupied by people of a given cultural background. An example of a modern nation state is Portugal. Portugal is a nation state because the Portuguese; which is a distinct cultural group has occupied the defined te rritory over a long period of time. The Portuguese form nationhood while the territory that frames area of political jurisdiction frames the state. A nation differs from a state in the sense that a state refers to a political entity while a nation is characterized more by cultural and ethnic characteristics (Perry, Perry, 1999, p. 343). A nation state therefore refers to a political entity or territory under the jurisdiction of a given political regime and is characterized by a people of certain distinct cultural or ethnic characteristics. Additionally, modern nation states have one common culture, a constitution, a currency system and a distinct national language. A nation can be described as a union of people who come together as one unit based on same language or culture. For example, England is a nation composed of English people. The English have distinctive language and cultural practices. A state is a territory manned by one government that controls all within the boundaries on behalf of the people in the territory (Perry, Perry, 1999, p. 342). A state establishes a clear legal systems that governs or directs or operations. An example of a state is South Africa. As already discussed, the nation state is where people of same cultural characteristics or background are under one political entity or state (Perry, Perry, 1999, p. 168). A good example of a nation state as already indicated is Portugal.Advertising Looking for essay on public administration? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The United States of America has all the characteristics of a modern nation state. A modern nation state is characterized by a defined territory over which one government exercises jurisdiction and the people share in a common culture. The USA is a territory with defined boundaries over which the central government in Washington exercises jurisdiction. The boundaries frame the fixed territory that is USA. T he territory does not change and is recognized internationally. American is a sovereign nation state. Sovereignty refers to total jurisdiction over a territory that can not be interfered with by any outside force. The US government exercises sovereign power over all that goes on in the fixed territory that is recognized internationally. International recognition of a state is crucial because it provides for the mutual respect between nation states. The mutual respect guarantees sovereignty because any country or state that interferes in the operations of another risks aggression from other states. Common culture is a phrase that refers to values, beliefs, traditions that are shared by a given people (Perry, Perry, 1999, p. 153). Americans are very distinctive people because of the common culture in which they share. Some of the characteristic cultural values or characteristics that Americans share are a strong belief in freedom, assertiveness, change oriented and casualness in thei r approach to issues. Some of these cultural values were either borrowed from other cultures e.g. in the course of colonization by the English. There are days recognized by the government I. e. the national holidays such as the veterans day, independence day, thanks giving day, memorial day and the labor day (Perry, Perry, 1999, p. 185). United States is the most influential country in the world and wields a lot of influence on other countries’ foreign policies. The main objective of the US foreign policy is to promote democratic values for the benefit of Americans and all other nations. The second major objective is to safe guard the interests of the Americans in international engagement e.g. by ensuring American businesses in other countries are safe. A transnational entity refers to a political-economic and social entity composed of many nation states under a harmonized structure. The European Union is a good example of a transnational entity (Perry, Perry, 1999, p. 463) . The organization was realized after a number of developments that have their roots in World War II. World War II had devastating effects on the political economy and social structures in many European nations. To deal with post WWII challenges, a number of unconsolidated bodies were formed among European nations.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Concept of National and Transnational Entities specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The unconsolidated bodies gradually transformed themselves in a number of European communities. In 1992, the Maastricht treaty augmented or set pace for the formation of a supranational outfit. The different pillars or the European Union took shape through the Amsterdam and Nice treaties. Finally in 2007 through the Lisbon treaty, the European Union with its current institutions and characteristics was established. The European Union has five institutions that run its affairs. The first institut ion is the EU parliament. This parliament has representatives elected from different EU countries. The members of the EU parliamentarians are elected directly by the citizens of member countries. The second institution is the EU presidency which rotates on a six month basis. Every six months, a new EU member takes over the chairmanship or presidency of the EU council. The EU council is a decision making body composed of ministers from member nations. The European commission is another institution that makes proposals with regards to legislation that is considered by parliament and council. The EU has a court of Justice which interprets EU legislation so that the different national courts do not hold different views on the same. The final EU institution is the Court of Auditors which ensures EU funds are spent appropriately. As currently instituted, the European Union facilitates closer relation among member countries and acts as a counter power to the influence of super powers like the US in the world. It consolidates the capacity of member nations into one capacity that is best placed to compete in the globalized world. The current foreign policy objectives of the EU are in tandem with ensuring world security and economic growth for its member nations through benefits that accrue from its increased market potential. National states and transnational entities aim at safeguarding their interests on the global scene through a number of ways. In international trade, USA and the European Union have engaged in either multilateral and bilateral arrangements or alliances aimed at better trading between them. The multilateral and bilateral arrangements aim at establishing favorable treatment of goods from given countries thus facilitating more trade. Through diplomacy, which is also called soft power, the transnational entities and nation states influence how decisions that affect the whole world are determined. For example, in recent talks about global warming, the U S came in strongly and diplomatically roped in a few allies to help pass some helpful resolution in relation to cutting on carbon emissions. Diplomacy is one key tool for both national states and international entities to safeguard their interests. Another tool that is used is threat of force. Countries like the USA have bullied some other smaller countries into towing the line or risk invasion. The European Union as a block is a huge military power. Through use of their collective security capacity i.e. organs like NATO have safeguarded both interests of member nation states and the transnational entities as a whole (Perry, Perry, 1999, p. 485).Advertising Looking for essay on public administration? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The efforts nation states and transnational entities take to safeguard their interests directly impact on the balance of power in international politics. When nations form alliances or transnational entities take unilateral foreign policy decisions, they directly affect the balance of power in international politics (Perry, Perry, 1999, p. 487). The efforts make some countries sovereignty more compromised than others. When sovereignty is compromised, it means that such a country does not have much clout with which to safeguard its interests. In conclusion, the formation of transnational entities and alliances has made nationhood and state jurisdiction even more porous. Consequently, sovereignty of nations is no longer as sacrosanct as it was traditionally. With globalization and tendency towards more interrelation between nations, many states remain as merely territories but much that goes on within them is controlled internationally. The interaction between nation states and engag ements of transnational entities tilts international politics. Reference List Perry, J. A., Perry, E., (1999). Contemporary Society: An Introduction to Social Science. 9th Ed., Boston: Allyn and Bacon,

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The easy way to boost your brain power - Emphasis

The easy way to boost your brain power The easy way to boost your brain power Step away from the keyboard and pick up a pen. Thats the latest expert advice for anyone who wants to study and remember more effectively. We learn better when writing by hand than when we type, according to Anne Mangen, associate professor at the University of Stavanger in Norway, and neurophysiologist Jean-Luc Velay. Senses working overtime This is partly, according to Mangen, an effect of the senses. The physical act of forming letters with a writing implement sends more varied feedback to the brain from the feel of the pen and paper to the motor function of shaping the words letter by letter than pressing identical keys to produce fully formed letters in one go. Indeed, research led by Velay shows that writing by hand leaves a motor memory in a part of the brain that links to visual recognition: the sensorimotor system. In safe hands On this point, Mangen refers to an experiment in which two groups of adults were tasked with learning a foreign alphabet. One group learned the symbols using a keyboard, the other by writing them out. When they were tested at three and six weeks into the experiment on their ability to recollect the letters and to recognise when the characters had been reversed, those whod been writing by hand outperformed the keyboard-users every time. The nature of business in the modern office may have made us all secretly proud of our words-per-minute scores, but if we want to remember what were writing, this speed is not our friend. Call it obvious, but the simple fact that writing by hand takes that bit longer also influences the learning process. Hardened technophiles may scoff and instead try typing in slow motion as they attempt to learn Mandarin or memorise the periodic table, but they still wont be stimulating the right part of the brain. The sensorimotor component forms an integral part of training for beginners, says Mangen.

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International Business Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words - 2

International Business Strategy - Essay Example Every organization’s survival and success in the light of stiff competition hinges on the success of its main or flagship product. It is the ‘key’ that opens the door of success or profit. So, for an organization to survive in a competitive market in the global environment, and to increase its profits in an optimum manner, its products have to be marketed optimally. Toeing that line, this report will focus on the marketing strategy of General Motors in its global business, discussing about its competitors, marketing mix and finally will recommend improvements that would enable them to compete more effectively. General Motors Corporation (GM), a multinational corporation, was founded in 1908 as a holding company for a firm called Buick, then controlled by William C. Durant. Now, it functioned as a conglomerate manufacturing and selling, cars and trucks under the brands of Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GM Daewoo, GMC, Holden, Hummer, Opel, Pontiac, Saab, Saturn and Vauxhall. Each of these brands has a number of cars and trucks under its division or arm. However, because of the major losses and bankruptcy proceedings, they decided to hold only the four core brands of Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, and GMC, as well as two European brands of Opel and Vauxhall, selling Saab Automobile to Spyker Cars in 2010. Importantly, GM is winding down its Hummer, Pontiac, and Saturn brands, the latter two remaining under the old GM, now known as Motors Liquidation Company. Even though, all these brands are manufactured in one unit, vehicles coming under each brand are most times marketed differentially and some times in unison. Headquartered in Detroit, Michigan (USA), GM manufactures automobiles in 35 countries, capturing a sizeable portion of the world market share. GM was thus acknowledged as the worlds largest automaker, based on global industry sales. GM was able to hold on to

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Kindred Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Kindred - Essay Example The book starts with the basic premise of controlling and protecting the kid’s life for her own existence. The initial relationship between Rufus and Dana is based on equality. Rufus although coming from white race, treats Dana with some respect and love. Rufus is dependent on her for his life and is in awe with her because of her sophistication and education. Rufus calls her ‘Nigger’ which he doesn’t realize or feel to be offensive. It is also an example how power was taken for granted by white men and the culture of the society. His compliance to Dana’s request that he would call her ‘black woman’ is a surprise considering this background. He grows up to be a violent, tyrannical and spoilt young man because he emulates his father. Weylins believe in the racial superiority and exercise through the power they have over their household and plantation. The physical brutality is exercised to keep the household in control and to demonstrate the centre of the power. Rufus also has this streak but feels that his people should also love him and think of him to be a good master, makes him spend for them. It is often noticed in the book that people who exercise power also feel the need of love they want in return. There are evident examples of this in the relationships between, Alice and Rufus, Dana and Rufus. In all of these one is dominant and the other submits to dominance against the will.

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The impact of the Media on Teen Girls Body Image Essay Example for Free

The impact of the Media on Teen Girls Body Image Essay â€Å"Cosmetic makers have always sold (hope in a jar)- creams and potions that promise youth, beauty, sex appeal, and even love for the women who use them† (Postrel 125). Magazines are filled with digitally transformed images of models with amazing bodies, flawless skin and perfectly styled hair. Television advertisers push their products using the most attractive people with the perfect bodies. Television shows such as October Road and movies like Men or Shoes portray images of sexy, gorgeous woman who have it all; the handsome boyfriend or husband, the great job and amazing friends, while the chubby, not so attractive friend is usually there simply for comic relief. Also shows like the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency on the Oxygen Network, is another perfect example of media influencing teen girls negatively. On this particular show she holds auditions for aspiring models to come before her and audition in order to gain representation by her Modeling Agency. Instead about 97% of these young girls are harassed and ridiculed on National TV. On this show there is no such thing as constructive criticism or putting it nicely. She points out every flaw, every physical feature that she feels needs to be fixed with plastic surgery or dieting. She even has gone so far as to saying â€Å"I will never accept a plus size model into this agency† (Rotchford 72). She has been known to call girls ugly and send many on occasion crying and running for the door. â€Å"Her show is rated number 1 on the Oxygen Network† (Rotchford 72). This kind of message is sending young girls the impression that in order to be beautiful like a model and be accepted by society that you have to have a flawless face and thin perfect body and at any cost necessary. The music industry has followed this pattern as well. Music videos (especially of the Hip-Hop category) are usually filled with woman wearing next to nothing, dancing erotically, and having their body parts zoomed in on by the cameras. This kind of music is extremely popular in younger generations, so when these music videos are being seen by them, then these scenes are going to be viewed as being cool as well. Girls will think that that is the type of look I need to have in order to be popular and cool. Teenagers are conditioned to believe that advertisements and media reflect the world. Throughout time the ideal of beauty has differed. During the Renaissance, a beautiful woman was more full figured and pale skinned. â€Å"This reflected her station of rank in society† (Eco 212). Her size indicated she had enough to eat and her pale skin showed she did not have to work to sustain a living. During the 1920’s, the image of beauty changed. Woman wore their hair bobbed, had slender figures and preferred to have smaller breasts. â€Å"The 1950’s brought more changes with the introduction of icons like Marilyn Monroe† (Eco 306). Women wanted to be full figured, very curvy with platinum hair and plenty of sex appeal. As times changed and society’s ideals of beauty changed, one thing remained the same, the pursuit of beauty and perfection. The most obvious victim of the media stereotyping is young girls. Unrealistic images of beauty and perfection bombard these girls through television, magazines and movies. A study was performed to examine the effects of exposure of the media ideals of body image on women, and to determine if it would affect their self-esteem, body satisfaction, start eating disorder symptoms, and maybe change the level of internalization of the thin ideal. â€Å"Women in the experimental group reported lower self-esteem after being exposed to the thin-ideal images compared to the women who viewed neutral images† (Hawkins, Granley, Richards, and Stein 44). â€Å"Moreover, in some cases, feelings of body dissatisfaction and low self-esteem may lead adolescents seeking self-improvement to increase their media consumption—resulting in a vicious circle of media exposure, internalization of sociocultural ideals, social comparison with unrealistic images, and further erosion of body satisfaction and self-esteem. Indeed one 13 year old girl in the current study commented that â€Å"magazines are going to exploit the fact that teenagers are often unhappy with themselves† (Clay, Vignoles and Dittmar 473). The media dictates what is considered fashionable, the popular hair styles or trends. Images of thin, leggy models in short skirts, shorts and tiny swimsuits having fun, flirting and getting attention from men visually show what is considered to be beautiful. If a girl does not fit into the mold, she may begin to have self-doubt, or body satisfaction issues. â€Å"Idealized images are an influential source of pressure to meet the thin idea† (Monro and Huon 89). Society is obsessed with perfection. It is evident in the number of women choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery in the attempt to attain the perfect body, nose, figure and smile. â€Å"We found that girls who engage in more appearance-related discussions and imitation of others had lower appearance satisfaction† (Dohnt and Tiggean 9). â€Å"We found that girls who watched television shows with an appearance emphasis, such as Friends or Rage, we less satisfied with their appearance. Shows such as soap operas and music television slips that present women as thing attractive, and sometimes provocatively dressed, have also been correlated with body dissatisfaction and disordered eating in adolescents† (Dohnt and Tiggean 10). Advertisement Agencies have been questioned about why they only advertise their products with a certain types of models. The answer from each agency was usually almost always the same each time. â€Å"Sexy sells and everyone wants to be beautiful, so we sell our products to the world using beautiful people. This shows the population that beauty is within their grasp and that they too can obtain it† (Monroe 160). Janice Dickinson who is also in the media has stated that â€Å"she says no to plus size models in her agency† (Rotchford 72). â€Å"We live in America, aren’t we allowed to do what we want with our own businesses? I own this agency; if I don’t want fat ugly models representing it then that’s my right† (Rotchford 70). Miss Dickinson has a point, but she fails to realize what her actions and her show is reflecting on to young girls. Young girls live in an appearance-focused society, where images of perfection are broadcast in every form of media. Girls are developing low self-esteem, eating disorders, and are striving to obtain perfection and acceptance. And the kind of media that we have is doing nothing but fueling this fire that has been burning rapidly for a long time. If young girls are not offered a more realist image of beauty, they will continue to be dissatisfied with their appearance and suffer from low self-esteem. There have been some developments recently to try and change this pattern. â€Å"In the past few years marketers at Dove have added some new and improved enticements† (The Atlantic, The Truth About Beauty 125). The new campaign declares that every woman is beautiful and ignoring imperfections indicates self-esteem. â€Å"Oprah covered the story, and so did the Today show. Dove’s campaign, wrote Advertising Age, â€Å"undermines the basic proposition of decades of beauty-care advertising by telling women—and young girls—they’re beautiful just the way they are† (The Atlantic, The Truth About Beauty 125). Imagine, a beauty-care company selling their products not by enticing young girls with unrealistic images of women who achieved perfection by using their products, but by showing women and young girls they are beautiful to being with and can accentuate their beauty by using their products. Dove expanded the definition of beauty without losing the concept. This was a novel approach that seems to be catching on. Every girl deserves to feel beautiful, smart, important and secure. Another Dove campaign focuses on young girls insecurities about their appearance. â€Å"Every girl deserves to feel good about herself and see how beautiful she really is† (The Atlantic, The Truth About Beauty 127). Television shows are beginning to follow in the same example as the Dove campaign. One such show is Ugly Betty, which is about a young woman from Queens who doesn’t fit the standard media beauty and works for a fashion magazine where everyone is image obsessed. Instead of conforming to the standards of her co-workers, Betty maintains her integrity and shows that being a kind, smart, and caring person is what makes you truly beautiful. As time passes, people begin to see that Betty’s beauty does not lie in her physical appearance but in her spirit and compassion. If images like this continue, more girls will begin to see that their own inner strength, self-assuredness, and integrity are more beautiful than the images that you see splashed across any fashion magazine or TV show. These are real qualities that any girl can obtain. Society is always going to have its own opinion of what beauty is. And this will always be perpetuated through media. If we start recognizing the impact that the media has on the self-esteem of young girls, and instead present strong, confident, and capable women achieving their goals, then young girls will being to believe that the image of beauty has a new face—theirs.